Mnemosyne (2021-2022)

The Mnemosyne collection is an exploration of memory. It is a collaborative project between designer Aloïse Mahé-Stephenson, visual artist Lauric Mahé-Stephenson and textile designer Agathe Verdu Giamarchi. We explored the theme of memory and the unconscious by creating our own unique textiles which were exclusively used for Aloïse’s designs.


Mnemosyne - A Fashion Tale (2022)

In this unique fashion film inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”, the world of Mnemosyne is brought to life vividly in a fully drawn out environment. Stimulating one’s limitless imagination, the film brings to life the meaning and symbols behind the collection through archetypes from our collective subconscious. Mnemosyne is an invitation to dream, a calling for your imagination to let loose. Come together and enjoy the joy and beauty that emerges from the liberation of one's psyche!

On-set Photographs:

© Lauric Mahé-Stephenson 2022